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New Track Developments

May 25, 2024 - KNE Admin

As we head into the summer, we have some exciting new track developments to share with you!

Firstly we have replaced the barriers around the outside of the first corner. As this is our fastest section on the track we have removed the tyres and replaced them with custom made foam barriers specifically designed for kart racing. The barriers, supplied by Champion Products, are one metre tall and designed to safely take the impact of kart and driver.

Champion barriers 2

We are also in the process of revamping all the circuit kerbs starting with the Dog Leg section of the 1200 metre track. These custom moulded installations have been designed to meet the international circuit standard regulations set out by the CIK/FIA.

Dog leg run off 1

Dog leg run off 2

Bryans Bends

As 2024 progresses you will see further developments, with more circuit improvements planned and the continuing work on the paddock development, which will include rooftop viewing, toilet block and workshops.