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May 16, 2019 - KNE Admin

ProSkill is a running measurement of your driving ability. It is a weighted system, meaning the higher your opponents scores the better chance you have to gain points; conversely, if you have a higher score than those you are racing with, you are at a higher risk of losing more points.

ProSkill scores show up on the Speed Screens, Result Sheets, and in the online functions of Club Speed. Everyone starts with 1200 points. As you race you accumulate points based on how you finish in races.  You are scored against the other racers in your particular race, and the amount of points you are awarded, or lose, is based on the skill of the other drivers as well.

The Top ProSkill Scores Currently Stand At:                                   

#1 Denholm Smith 3467

#2 Jeff Potts 3196

#Tim Matthews 3196

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